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Movie Poster

I am still disappointed in this photo, although I like it more than the one below. The photo was made by duplicating my portrait, then combining them together through blending modes (Specifically Multiply, Softlight, Overlay). Each layer had a different filter (Poster Edges) applied to them, with a few them having oil painting applied them as well.

I am disappointed in my photo, the reason being I was trying to make a realistic effect, which ended up looking fake. I learnt that taking a flat image and wrapping it around 3D object (My face for example) is incredibly difficult. I tried to use a combination of Warp and Liquify tool to achieve cracks wrapping around my face. Then I used a mixture of Curves and Layer Blending(Specifically Multiply, Softlight, Overlay) to make the image look as if it were part of me. Despite being disappointed in my photo I did enjoy taking it especially trying to find a texture to apply on my face since I searched for abandoned houses trying to find crack…

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